Rocheport Music Store

Roman D. Clarkson

Violin & Viola Maker – Luthier

800 2nd Street
Rocheport, MO 65279

By Appointment
Booth on 2nd Saturdays

Phone: 573.356.7154

Roman Clarkson, a long-time musician and music creator, dedicated  to studying all things violin, learning from other fine instrument makers, and continuing to experiment on his own violins.

Roman has developed his own signature style. He has two models he currently focuses on—a standard-shaped body influenced by Antonio Stradivari’s shapes and Joseph Guarnerius del Gesu’s enigmatic style and a guitar-shaped body based on François Chanot’s and Antonio Stradivari’s guitar-shaped violins. Also, Roman offers his signature Heartline Series which features red purfling that offers a unique and beautiful look.

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